Our Story

It all started at dinner time, my two daughters were casually talking about the future of our planet, and how the older generation needed to be a part of the change.  That's when I was inspired to create Love Vegan Bags.

Cactus Plants


Finding the perfect material

We chose Desserto because they use mature cactus leaves, free of herbicides and pesticides to create a soft and light material that feels and looks like leather.

A Vegan and Eco-friendly handbag was no longer a dream but a reality. No PVC, no toxic chemicals, and low water use.

Fair Trade

We respect people as much as we respect the planet. 

We are committed to fair trade. When you buy from us you are supporting experienced artisans, and their families in South America. A happy planet must include happy, and well-paid people.

Woman cutting vegan fabric
Sofia Ecofriendly Vegan Leather Bag

Our Designs

Beautiful & Practical

We want you to not only have a sustainable alternative but also a handbag that you love to take everywhere.

We make sure they are comfortable to carry around and include as many pockets as possible

Our handbag must live up to our busy lives; the ups and downs, the one hundred errands before getting home, the girls night out, the romance, and everything in between.

Happy Shopping!


We have more to do

As a company we try to improve every day, each collection is launched with the goal of becoming more sustainable and eco-friendly, we value and listen to our customers' feedback. 

Fiesta Red Vegan Cactus Leather Bag